Safety Measures

The school aims to be a safe zone for students through awareness programmes and workshops on personal safety such as circle time, mentoring and self defence sessions.  The Student Council plays a key role in enforcing discipline and safe inter-personal interactions among the student body.


A programme for ‘Disaster Management’ has been put into place by the school for immediate response to disasters such as fire and earthquake, with technical support and guidance from SEEDS, India.

Children are taken through the drill of ‘Duck, Cover and Hold’. The evacuation floor plans are colour coded and displayed in prominent locations through the school.


Regular evacuation drills ensure that the system is in place for ‘rapid response to disaster’ are tested and streamlined to ensure fast evacuation in case of need.

Strategically located CCTV’s enable the school to keep a keen eye on students’ safety; these are monitored regularly by the administration personnel during school hours.

Social and Emotional Safety

Social and emotional development has significant implication for the child’s current and later social functioning, and for educational and employment success. Given the currently evolving social structure, a lot of emotional tasks of childhood – from developing trust in others to a sense of competence and self-esteem, occur primarily in school. School is often the most consistent source of structure in the lives of many children, and a crucial source of building resilience in a child. Therefore it is necessary to ensure that it is a safe zone for students.

  • Each teacher ensures that students are made aware, in an age appropriate manner, about ‘Good touch, bad touch’, ‘personal space’ and other such issues through discussions, circle time interactions and stories.
  • Parents and students of grade 5 undergo modules on issues of ‘Growing Up’ so as to be better prepared for the physical and psychological changes, with the onset of adolescence.
  • Students of grade 5 undergo a workshop on self defence which also has a module on cyber safety.
  • Parents are imparted information through a workshop to ensure cyber safety for their children.
  • The school has two counsellors who provide guidance and support to the students in a way that the counselling experience becomes a positive and supportive influence in their lives, and helps to value the uniqueness of every child to contribute to building self-esteem for him or her.


Students are dispersed from the buses/classrooms only after verifying that the person receiving the child is carrying the ‘Gate Pass’ issued for this purpose from the school, while all visitors to the school are issued ‘Visitors Passes’.
Students and staff are required to wear the ‘Identity Card’ issued by the school to ensure ready identification in case of need as well as quick provision of information about the child’s parents/ guardians, if needed.The school uses specially created ‘Sticker passes’ for entry to all school functions to ensure that only bonafide persons can gain entry to the school.


A designated nurse, supported by a helper, is available through school hours to attend to students’ minor illnesses and ailments.
The school provides an attendant on each bus route, equipped with a carry a mobile phone. The buses have a GPS installed. This ensures the safety of the students, as the buses are carefully monitored. Every bus has a first aid kit along with an attendance register of regular bus users, marked daily. Safety practices are reinforced amongst the drivers through presentations in Hindi.


The quality of food and water provided to the students is monitored periodically through testing procedures.

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Cyber Safety

Awareness on cyber safety and cyber bullying is imparted to older children through informative videos and online quizzes.  Children enthusiastically participate in related ongoing discussions. Visitors from the profession and our in-house IT team, help our children understand the importance of  being responsible while using cyber space.

TSRS Vasant Vihar, Delhi - classes k to 5 ICSE

The Shri Ram School's, Vasant Vihar campus promotes diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes sound values, self-discipline, motivation and excellence in learning.

Vasant Vihar microsite


TSRS Moulsari, Gurgaon - classes 6 to 12 IB, CISCE

At The Shri Ram School's, Moulsari campus, the growing adolescents are encouraged to explore their abilities and talents and stretch their horizons.

Moulsari microsite       Moulsari IB microsite


TSRS Aravali, Gurgaon - classes k to 12 CISCE

At the Shri Ram School's Aravali campus you walk into the bright, airy, cheerful classrooms of the junior and the senior wings, greeted by art and craft work of the children and teachers.

Aravali junior microsite       Aravali senior microsite


  • Vasant Vihar Delhi

    Classes K to 5 ICSE
  • Moulsari Gurgaon

    Classes 6 to 12 IB, CISCE
  • Aravali Gurgaon

    Classes K to 12 CISCE