Book Week

Pravesh Vatika:

  • The Book Week in PV started with a lot of enthusiasm and pomp! Parents were all geared up, many of whom were already dressed in characters from the stories that they were planning to narrate. Parents of each section presented their stories and enacted in their respective classes. Needless to say, our babies were thrilled. The sessions were not only ‘fun while learning’ but interactive as well.
  • All the Pravesh Vatika babies dressed up in their favourite characters from their favourite story books. The excitement in every class was indeed palpable! Today’s Show and Tell was all about their characters wherein they explained at length about their characters and the stories.
  • Story Weaving – The children of Pravesh Vatika used the same characters across the form but the story that was spun for each section was different than the others, expressing their creativity beautifully.


  • A fabulous start to our Book and Poetry Week was a story telling session by parents. Children were excited to welcome their parents into their classrooms and spent a wonderful morning together. They enthralled the children with their drama, props and creative activities.
  • Children enjoyed listening to a story without any visual aids. Exploring their boundaries of creativity and imagination, they became illustrators and each one made a book cover.
  • Buddy reading, with class V children was a memorable event. The Upvan children spent a lovely morning outdoors; nestled on cushions, sprawled under trees listening to stores with fascination.
  • Songs, rhymes and poems galore was the theme of the day. The children enjoyed learning new poems and recited them in class.

Form I 

  • The book week began with a bang with Mama Suranya’s visit to our classrooms. She read her delightful books to us which we enjoyed thoroughly. A follow up activity where thechildren coloured and created characters from the books will now adorn our boards.
  • The Book Week culminated with the parents coming into our class. Puppet shows, role plays, slide presentations and skits – the session was ever so entertaining. We all had a terrific time and look forward to another book week soon!
  • Creativity is intelligence having fun……. class 1’s slipped into roles of being a poet with complete ease and created beautiful poems. They now adorn our corridors.
  • Class 3 Didi’s and bhaiya’s took us out to have some reading fun in the sun. They read our favourite books to us. They were beautiful story tellers and we patient listeners. A fun time for all of us.

Form II

  • Children appreciated listening and reciting poems. They enjoyed house wise participation while learning about the various themes in these grade level poems.
  •  The children listened to the Ramayan written in verse, co authored by alumni of our school, Kairavi Bharatram. They thoroughly enjoyed the session.
  • Later, the children enjoyed designing a book cover for their favourite story book. They also wrote on the topic- A Day Out With My Favourite Character on the inner cover, which gave them the opportunity to use their imagination.

Form III

  • The Book Week commenced with the children writing book reviews on Enid Blyton’s, ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’. They wrote their views about the book on a printed format. It was a pleasure to see them design the book cover with great interest.
  • Children of Form III enjoyed the Buddy Reading session with Form I. It was heartening to see the children sitting on mats with cushions and soft toys and reading a story to their buddies patiently.
  • Children attended a session with the author of ‘Vampire Boy’, Ms. Sharanya Deepak. She introduced her book by talking about the special traits of vampires. An extract from the book was read out. Children were asked to create a poem about their greatest fear. They enjoyed the session and it concluded with a few children reading out their poems.
  • Children of Form III attended a book reading session with Miss. Kairavi Bharatram, an alumni of our school. She has co authored  the book , ‘Ramayana in Rhymes’. The children enjoyed listening to her especially when she read out a few extracts from her book. The session concluded after a round of questions and answers about the book.
  • As a follow up activity on the book being read during the Book Club sessions, children drew and pasted their favourite characters from ‘The Magic Faraway Tree’ on a huge  tree placed in the Form III corridor.

Form IV

  • Ms. Deepa Aggarwal author of Game of Shadows spoke to the children about the art of writing a story. She elicited responses from the children on the prerequisites of writing a good story. She gave a situation and asked the children to work on an outline of a story they would like to create working in pairs.
  • Poetry Appreciation: Neelima Ma’am’s recitation of Colonel Fazackerly was engaging and thoroughly enjoyed by the children. Back in their classes they created their own Ghost poems.
  • Buddy Reading: Children Enjoyed reading to the Class II students.
  • Creating Book Spines: On folded paper children created the spines of their favourite story books learning in the bargain all the components of one.
  • Dress up Day: Children dressed up as their favourite character and enacted a line out of the story.

All in all an enjoyable week.

Form V

  • The children of form V were addressed by representatives from DK Publishers. It was a very successful, interactive session on, ‘100 Events That Made Indian History’. Here, through the medium of posters, captions and a question answer session, the children were familiarised with the contents of this book. It saw enthusiastic participation as the children could draw from their previous knowledge and learn alongside.


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