The Shri Ram School

Grades 1 & 2

The focus in these grades is aligned with developing a love for learning, while fostering an innate sense of curiosity and exploration and hence the children are encouraged to be self-directed, eager minds. The learning experience in both curricular and co-curricular areas is designed to promote exposure to critical thinking, effective communication, collaborative learning, creativity in thought and action, building resilience, and developing emotional intelligence to help guide students navigate through challenges and opportunities of an evolving, uncertain, and complex future.   

The curriculum encapsulates foundational skills that are fundamental to a well-rounded education. The course is executed using innovative teaching methodologies, hands on learning experiences, educational games and real world applications. Educators with a passion for learning are trained to facilitate the program to nurture and cater to individual needs. Creating a positive learning environment that supports each child’s growth and development is the key. 

In these early years of learning, the children develop a deeper understanding of the core values that lie at the heart of the school. Hence the pursuit of excellence, having pride in one’s own heritage and working with integrity and sensitivity become a part of their inherent being.
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