The Shri Ram School


The verdant green playground field and state-of-the-art indoor multi-purpose hall provide the perfect backdrop for the well-rounded sports training programme that The Shri Ram School offers. 

A judicious mix of free play, drills in athletics, yoga, loco-motor exercises for fitness and endurance, and specialised training in a variety of sports and track & field events, helps the children in improving their fitness, hone their skills and reach their true potential. This all-encompassing sports program  provides the children an opportunity to explore different sports and physical activities.  

The dedicated Yoga classes encourage the children to improve their flexibility, balance and strength. These sessions also help nurture their overall physical, mental and emotional well-being while achieving inner harmony. 

The tiny-tots in the elementary classes also get an opportunity to display their prowess and training in a non-competitive environment during Shri Khel.

The training imparted in the junior classes comes in the fore at the Annual Sports Day event where the four houses (Himgiri-Yellow, Vasundhara-Red, Shristi-Green, Sagar-Blue) compete to better their best and lift the Sports Trophy. Amidst immense excitement, passion and solidarity, applause runs loud as the best athletes on the field are recognized and awarded. 

The core values of the school come alive as the coveted Annual Sportsmanship Award is received by the most deserving student who is the embodiment of the ideals that are the cornerstones of the school’s philosophy.  


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