The Shri Ram School

Grades 3, 4 & 5

These three impressionable years at Junior School focus on experiential understanding and allows children to be part of the learning process and not being mere passive receivers of knowledge. 

Group activities, house events and forming partnerships establish a solid groundwork for research, editing and collaboration. This not only prepares them for the challenges of Middle School but also for the realities of life itself. In working together and encouraging one another, students are able to bring out the best by drawing up on the strength of each team member and supporting one another to overcome weaknesses. In this way, the students take pride and assume responsibility and ownership for the assignments they produce and submit.  

The integration of knowledge attained through multiple subjects and cross-curricular learning is enabled and enhanced by way of discussions and project work. In addition to formative assessments, the inclusion of peer and self-evaluation empowers students to identify their strengths, guiding them to tap into their potential to the fullest. 

Intellectual flexibility, creative thinking, accommodating multiple perspectives, effective oral and written communication skills and collaborative practices prepare them to be future leaders in any sphere that they may choose to pursue.    

Participating in inter school and intra school events like Spelling Bee, Poetry Recitation Competitions, Just A Minute, ICT quizzes, debates, etc. allow them to develop confidence. Exchange programs like The Round Square Initiative and other International student exchange programs provide our students with new global perspectives and exposure to varied cultural and geographical backgrounds.   

With an aim of raising sensible and sensitive global citizens who are environmentally conscious and work towards fulfilling sustainable goals, the facilitators at TSRS continue to nurture and celebrate each child’s individuality. 
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