The Shri Ram School

Pravesh Vatika & Upvan

To walk into an elementary classroom is to walk into a world of wonder and endless possibilities. At The Shri Ram School, nurturing and celebrating each child’s individuality is of prime importance at any given point in time. Every family that partners with us comes with their own set of beliefs and principles – that reflect in their child – across various dimensions. It is our endeavour to maintain those principles whilst integrating alongside, the core values of the school, to empower them to be well-rounded individuals in a global community.    

Instilling in them virtues of sensitivity, integrity, taking pride in one’s own heritage and laying emphasis on pursuit of excellence, we facilitate their entire journey right from Pravesh Vatika onwards. The foundation years set the tone for future schooling with the objective of nurturing young minds and empowering them to adapt to an ever-changing world around them.  

The S T E A M project and the setup of the literacy and numeracy centre through the year allow collaboration, exploration and discovery. While working in smaller groups, the children build skills through application and construct on their prior knowledge with minimum intervention from the facilitator.    

Pursuit of happiness, being the crux of the elementary classrooms, it incites us to make TSRS ‘A Happy Place’ to be in, for every child. 
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